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With over 25 years experience as a teacher, and over 21 years as a mother, I, Bonnie Fite, have had tons of experience with children of all ages. My four children were born in a span of five years, so I had to learn to multi-task and streamline in order to survive. Along the way, I have written books for moms, teachers and children. I’ve also spoken to thousands of parents and teachers in conference, church and school settings. Several nationally syndicated radio talkshows featured me as their guest author.

Now I want to help e-moms of preschool and elementary-aged children. Since I’ve taught in Christian schools, homeschool and public schools, I can help with children in these settings.

Imagine your favorite neighborhood coffee shop or bakery. My booth is nestled in a cozy corner as far from the door as possible. It is quiet, relaxing and peaceful. I’ll be here each week with new insights and help as you journey down this important and challenging path called motherhood. So, tuck in the kids for a nap, pour a tall mug of coffee and slide into Bonnie’s Booth. I’ll be serving a few minutes of encouragement and simple strategies to cultivate moral character in our children.

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